MacGyver Goodies - Pictures, Sounds, More


MacGyver Midi - MacGyver theme in MIDI format. This is one of the best versions of MacGyver in MIDI format. (23 KB)

Another MacGyver Midi - This one is in piano only. (8 KB)


The MacGyver Homepage - Has lots of pics, theme music, other stories and more.

Krzysztof's MacGyver and Richard Dean Anderson Page - Has pics, sound clips and theme music.

Richard Dean Anderson Website - Among other things, it has pictures and video captures.

The Michael Des Barres (Murdoc) Website - Scroll down to MacGyver to enter the Murdoc Sound & Photo pages (one for each episode he did).

A Salute from Richard/MacGyver - Articles, pictures, episode list, wallpaper, and more.

Richard Dean Anderson Fan Fiction Sources - More MacGyver, Legend, and Stargate SG-1 fan fiction!