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Episode 901: Season Premiere: The Devil's Due
by Carrie Chin with Pat Gonzales (Aired 10/11/99)
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MacGyver gripped the soft handle of his briefcase with knuckles that were white from the strain. His head was pounding again.

What if Willis was right? What if someone had done this to him down in Atlanta? To him and Sam? And Warren? What then? Jack Dalton almost killed him, and Pete Thornton very nearly murdered the Kambezi president, after they were brainwashed.

It has to be the Alliance, MacGyver thought. It has to be. But why? What kind of a fall were they setting him up for?

His mind was racing at breakneck speed when the elevators opened to reveal Craig Phelps.

MacGyver gasped in fear -- partly in fear of Phelps, but mostly in fear of what he himself might do, what he was capable of.

Phelps alone entered the elevator, which continued its descent to the first sub-level and Doc Beatty's office.

"You didn't go to the spa, did you, Mac?" Phelps asked. "Told you they'd do wonders for you."

"I'm okay," MacGyver said, taking a deep breath. "I just need to work some things out."

"Work things out?" Phelps laughed. "You mean, like, rough up cops?"

MacGyver glared at him.

"That's a hell of a way to work things out, MacGyver," Phelps said, and pulled a radio from his pocket. "We're alone," he said into the microphone. "Go ahead."

The briefcase fell to the floor, released by fingers that slackened in an instant. Phelps put his hand on MacGyver's shoulder.

"I don't think you need to consult Dr. Beatty just yet, my friend," Phelps said. "Dr. Phelps's advice? I think you should sleep on it. What do you think, Mac?"

The troubleshooter turned a blank face to Phelps and nodded slowly.

"In fact, once you've slept on it," Phelps continued, "I think you should march right back here and have a little chat with David. I'm sure you'll both be able to clear the air once you've spent an evening in quiet contemplation."

The elevator stopped on the ground floor. Phelps inserted a key in the control panel and turned it, locking the doors.

"We'll start fresh in the morning," Phelps said. "I have a little something here for you. It's a good luck charm I'd like you to have. Oh, look at that. You've dropped your briefcase."

Phelps drew a paper-and-twine-wrapped package from his jacket and tucked it into the troubleshooter's briefcase, then replaced the bag's handle in MacGyver's hand. Phelps reached for the control panel and removed his key. The elevator doors opened.

"Now, don't forget to bring that with you later," Phelps admonished MacGyver.

Episode 902A: Under Suspicion Part I
by Susanne Schwager (Aired 10/18/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 ]
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Mac followed the conversation from the room nearby and then he walked over to the entrance.

"Officer, why are you interested in information about Mr. MacGyver?"

The officer gave Mac a stubborn look. "Mister, I would like to know who you are!"

"Of course", Mac nodded, "I am that MacGyver-guy. Why?"

From one second to the other, the policeman's lineaments froze. He drew his gun and pointed with it against Mac's shoulder. "I have a warrant for arrest, Mr. MacGyver. Please, do not offer resistance and come with us to our headquarters." He then pressed Mac with his free hand against the wall, spreading Mac's legs with one foot and searching him for weapons. He took Mac's Swiss army knife and closed handcuffs around MacGyver's wrists. Mac allowed it, unresisting, and wondering why.

"What are the charges on the warrant?"

"You are accused of preparing the explosion that led to the murderous assault on Peter Thornton." Then the police officer began to inform Mac about his rights: to remain silent and so on. The maid-servant stood there silent, with one hand pressed against her mouth. She could not believe what she was forced to hear. Mac felt quite the same. He could not cope with being accused of assaulting his best friend.

"I'm not guilty, for heavens sake", he murmured.

Episode 902B: Under Suspicion Part II
by Susanne Schwager (Aired 10/27/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ]
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In the meantime Mac tried to improvise in order to stop the persecutors. Torpedoes would have been useful, but this was no usual equipment with reference to a canoe. A little bit of swell would be great, making the policemen care for themselves. Mac searched his pockets extracting the small pipe containing the effervescent aspirins.

"That will do", he murmured.

Now he was in need of something reacting with it and of a receptacle to fill it in. He tapped at Helen's back.

"May I have some of the orange juice you grabbed before? And do you have a plastic bag or something similar to fill it in?"

He paddled along, while Helen checked the content of her pockets. Then she offered him a small container of juice and a small paper-box.

"Here's the juice and - something similar like a plastic bag."

Episode 903: A Decent Proposal
by Kay Copeland (Aired 11/1/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ]
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The note, with "Dad" scrawled on the outside, was obviously from Sam. Mac closed the door behind him, kicked off his sneakers and sank into the depths of the sofa with a relieved sigh. He opened the envelope and took out the single sheet of paper, only to bolt upright again as he read the message, fear forming a knot in the pit of his stomach.

"Dad - I'm not sure where this guy's taken me, but I think I'm still in the city. He says he wants money. I don't know how much. He says his name is Riquelme and that you'll recognize the name. He says he'll call you as soon as you get home."

As if on cue, the shrill warble of the telephone broke the tense silence that had settled around him. Mac grabbed for the receiver.

Episode 904A: Family Resemblance Part I
by Becky Schie and Chris Moss (Aired 11/8/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 ]
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"Oh, God. God, NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO!" She dropped to her knees as MacGyver rushed to the phone and heard the news for himself. He silently hung up the phone and knelt next to the sobbing teenager, holding her and trying to comfort her. He looked up at Pete and his friend, understanding, went outside, leaving them alone together.

For a long time they held each other, because MacGyver had no longer been able to hold back his own tears. After a while they separated, and Becky looked up at him with red, puffy eyes in a tear-streaked face. It was a few minutes before she spoke, though.

"Unc, how did it actually happen? All I remember was her saying they were dead..." She bit her lip fiercely to keep from breaking down again.

"It was a car accident, Becky. They were coming around a curve when a logging truck hit them. He couldn't stop. Oh, princess..." He whispered the last two words and tears fell from his face freely. Becky quickly moved to hold him.

"It's okay, Unc. Everything will be all right. Everything's gonna be fine." But she didn't believe those words any more than he did.

Episode 904B: Family Resemblance Part II
by Becky Schie and Chris Moss (Aired 11/15/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 ]
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"MacGyver, when will you get the message? You won't win, period. And I mean that." He picked up the gun and pointed it at his head, but MacGyver kicked it out of his hand, causing it to fall and slide across the floor.

He grabbed Murdoc by the collar of his shirt. "What made you think for one minute that you'd get away with harming my niece? She's done nothing to you! It's me you want," Mac shouted.

"I'm a smart man, MacGyver. And so are you. If you want something bad enough, you'll do anything to get it. I want to see you on your knees, begging for your life - and your niece's."

His statement filled Mac with such rage as he never thought possible to have, but somehow he managed to control it. He settled for hitting Murdoc as hard as he could, sending him reeling back. "Never! You won't see me beg for anything. You won't see anything except the inside of a jail for the rest of your life."

The assassin smiled coldly as he touched the bruised spot. "I didn't think you had it in you, MacGyver. You must really care for your niece to be so violent. But you won't be much good to her if you're laying unconscious on the floor." Murdoc struck back at him, and they went to wrestling on the floor.

Episode 905: The Ruse
by Kamil Trzebiatowski (Aired 11/22/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ]
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"Dad, do you think Kiley will agree to give Pete and Penny protection?" There was doubt in Sam's voice.

"I'm not sure, Sam." Actually, Mac was almost positive that Kiley wouldn't be able to help. Kiley had been his friend for a long time, and Mac knew he would help them gladly, but the detective's superiors probably wouldn't allow it. After all, what evidence did they have? One message with one nursery rhyme? That could be just a joke. But Mac had encountered too many surprises like this in his life to make light of it. He couldn't imagine who else could send a message like that if it weren't Murdoc. Who would be so determined to endanger his and Sam's life? And who else wrote poems like that? Only Murdoc.

Episode 906a: Angels Among Us Part I
by Sherrill C. Martin (Aired 11/29/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 ]
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MacGyver tore into the emergency room. From his appearance, every nurse knew that he was an expectant father. He had on one gray sock and one white sock, with different sneakers. His shirt was buttoned wrong, and inside out, and his collar-length hair stood on end. What they didn't know was that the hairstyle was normal. The rest of the ensemble was straight out of panic.

"Where's Kellie!" Mac demanded of the receptionist, who was unfortunate enough to have been sitting behind her desk when he noticed her.

Pointing down the hall toward a set of closed doors, she waved him on through. "See the duty nurse for a set of scrubs," she said as if by rote. MacGyver raced down the hall, his untied shoelaces slapping against the waxed linoleum floor in rhythm with the squeak of his sneakers.

The doors opened upon his approach and Mac was met by a stern-looking woman in a starched white uniform. "Who are you with?" she demanded.

"Kellie... er, I don't know her last name. She never told me." Mac looked anxiously down the hall at a woman who resembled Kellie, but when she turned around he realized that it wasn't her. He missed the stunned expression on the nurse's face.

"EXCUSE ME?" she exclaimed as she grabbed his elbow and dragged him over to the scrub sink.

Episode 906b: Angels Among Us Part II
by Sherrill C. Martin (Aired 12/6/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 ]
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"Dad?" Sam's voice came to him as if from far away and muffled as if Mac was under water. "Dad, wake up, please!" Mac heard the fear and desperation in his son's voice and it was that which brought him up out of the tunnel where he seemed to have fallen.

He attempted to sit up, only to have a pain shoot through his skull that almost made him pass out again. Panting and leaning his pounding head against the cool side of the truck, Mac tried to swallow past the nausea that was building up. Then, suddenly, he remembered Angel. Scrambling to his feet, swaying precariously, he held on to the truck bed as he frantically looked around for the baby.

Episode 907: Snowy Trails
by Susanne Schwager (Aired 12/13/99)
Original version [ Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 ]
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"Hey, MacGyver. It's me, Grady."

MacGyver, had just returning home from the Phoenix building and was listening to the recording on his answering machine.

"I am through with it. Piece of cake, man. You can come and get your stuff later this afternoon. I'll be out for lunch so don't come here any earlier. Let's say 3:00 PM, okay? Take care." Then Grady had hung up.

Slightly confused, MacGyver shook his head. During his Phoenix years, Grady had never gone out for lunch. Anyway, Mac had enough to do. He was working on some private research for an old case. He went over to his kitchen and opened the fridge. A glass of ice cold milk and a couple of chocolate chip cookies would taste good right now. Mac loaded a tray and carried it over to his coffee table. Then he flung himself on the couch, pulled off his boots, and reached out for the folder which was stuck in his bag. He began reading. And time went quickly.

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